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Siddhartha: The boys of ENSA and the POW entertainment wallah's would love modern Britain. They were all camp.

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The dead would be thrilled to live in todays free society.. they lived in a very different world , and people should remember that there was no such thing has the good old days.. compared to the these days those days back then were terrible for the ordinary man
They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage:

Because plenty of gay men died so you could be free.

They'd think you were a craven, a coward who tries to wrap himself in their dead corpses to sell his hate.

Jas B:
My mother was born the last year of WW1 and she like my father born a few years later, both strong supporters of ending laws which discriminated against homosexuals.

As were many British people, those who were homosexuals and their family and friends who saw these men living in fear and having to live a lie.

Then both my parents did their bit during WW2 fighting against racism and hate, fighting against the people who spread your brand of hate..

You disgrace the sacrifice of all the allied dead of WW2.

Seeing people like you spreading the same lies and hate they fought against would truly sicken them.

Long Distance:
It's debatable whether Britain is a mess.

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