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Freethinking Liberal: Yes, I will be honouring the brave men & women who lay down their lives for Britain. That includes the many thousands from all countries of the commonwealth (including India and what is now Pakistan); the many from eastern Europe, France, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium etc. who fought with and along side British born.

My own father and mother are included. My dad was not killed (otherwise I would not be here) however, his boat was blown up and he spent years in a camp in Poland only to be put on the death march at the end.…

It is also forgotten that the government in WW1 was Liberal and the government of WW2 was led by Churchill, who had served in the Liberal government.

It is also the case that the returning service men and woman voted for the NHS… That which the Tories have does their best to destroy.

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Freethinking Liberal:
armouror is My Alias:
Yes my medals need an airing
unusually, yes, i figure 100 years is once in a lifetime for me, though poppies symbolise opium and other wars
No f.u.c.k them
Jack H:
Yes, quietly, without forcing my views down anyone's throat…
its our duty many don't know the meaning of the word they did
i'll be in bed until 12pm

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