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Rushdi: Beats me. Perhaps they are homosexuals.

Other answer:

Basic human decency?
armouror is My Alias:
Equal Rights defends everybody I served with gays in the British Military and How many Gays Died in all of the wars for the UK

Alan Turin saved Millions of Lives hounded by the Police convicted and committed suicide when he should have been Honored as a Gay Patriot

Sir Prince Kenny:
I would defend almost anybody, whose actions, race, beliefs, and sexual orientation were under attack, the exceptions being, the Manx moron, his minder, harrison and other like minded imbeciles.
daljack -a girl:
Because he knows that people are people regardless of who they find sexually attractive.
Green Brick:
Because unlike you, most people aren't particularly bothered by other peoples sexual orientation.
Liberals are demons.
Why not?
Roger the Dodger:
Perhaps that straight man prefers homosexuals to bigots who want to tell other people how they should live their lives?

If we let those people dictate to homosexuals, they'll think they can dictate to all of us.

Because he is a liberal.
The better question is why a straight man would attack homosexuals. The answer to that is that the straight man who attacks homosexuals is insecure in his straightness. The defender is secure in his.

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