are these sad losers aware anyone can game YA to achieve level 7 status, but choose not to

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Jack H: Points gamers, empty, pointless lives, nothing in real life…

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Jack H:
I wouldn’t know why they would.
Do I care?
Other than it allows me to piss about with the categories!
not really you need to challenge to lose when there is no debate they defeat themselves they are none the wiser its a complete waste of time except looking at the pictures they manufacture that are novel is it a bird is it a plane its you know who Batman holy smoke says their other voice as Robin i will just get my helmet I may need it
Verizon has NOT updated the top contributor lists in most subcategories for more than a year or 2 years. The top contributor in A Astrometry & Space died July 6, 2016 during or after kidney surgery.

Adults cheat for the same reasons kids and teenagers cheat including hating themselves because they have no self respect or they are abused or neglected by family members. If you are told you are worthless often enough, you start to believes it. That gets reinforced they are told they are losers online, which is exactly what you are doing. You enable and empower them.

Do NOT feed the trolls BH giving them attention.

there are numerous serial points gamers, I have my suspicions

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