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Biff: Many of the girls were from broken homes and had been deprived of love. The Pakistani men groomed them to believe they were their loving boyfriends. Some even continued to believe this despite the abuse they suffered at the hands of there "boyfriends" and their "cousins".

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Because they were being controlled by adult men, when they were vulnerable children.
Rape is a horrible thing for women. It causes trauma. When you have gang rapes like what happened to the girls, it causes severe mental trauma. During a rape, the brain can just shut down and the victim ends up going almost coma like, but awake. In their minds, the trauma causes them to stop even thinking and so they are helpless. Plus how do you expect a teen girl to run when there are 30 men waiting to rape her outside the door. Not possible.
because they allowed it there
thats the problem

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