This triggers immediate feelings of being on the receiving end of a hostile agenda.

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Shadow: Effects of the presence of the African demographic in British society:

1) Higher crime rates (particularly violent ones)
2) Facilitation of Islamification and Islamic activity (15% of the UK African population identify as Muslim, according to the last census)
3) Grievance-mongers inciting hostile behaviours and attitudes (see 2011 Tottenham riots)
4) Vulnerability to miscegenation danger which threatens racial Briton and Northern / Northwestern European existence which threatens high general physical attractiveness (unless adequate preservation measures are in place to negate the danger, which there are not at this time)
5) Degenerate and belligerent culture spread (e.g ghetto, rap)
6) Higher anti-crime expenditure to counter the negative impacts
7) Increased vulnerability to hostile espionage from African entities
8) A greater proportion of anti-survival people (you will be hard-pressed to find an African who does not have a hostile disposition to continuity of racial Britons and Europeans in general, validating the case for distancing from them)

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all you have to do is to ignore the images
Jas B:
Because you have a problem with seeing people as individuals, judging them by the colour of their skin.

There is a name for people like you.

Mistress of Morality??:
It's all down to the Great Replacement agenda and a brainwashing exercise to get the sheep in society to accept it.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi so time to adjust your mind set.
Bruce the bandit:
Liberal policy to have white people think it is normal to live amongst blacks. It is not normal.
They're trying to pimp your emotions,so you can give money to a lost cause.
I'd recommend that you obtained the services of a person literate with computers, and asked them how to install ad-blocker software.

I don't get that ad, the ads are targetted. The neural network must have determined that you are more likely to notice a product advertised by Africans. You are now going to see many Africans, since you have admitted to the Matrix that you noticed the advert – these guys know what they are doing.

T – R – I – G – G – E – R – E – D

big time, snowflake!

There`s just no pleasin` some people.
That's a mirror – according to our globalist overlords.

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