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Rod: They are a lefty/ pro- democratic media organization who still can't accept Trump won the presidential elections fair and square.

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Hi so it's not fake just not what donald trump doesn't want to hear.
Run by morons. Same as the BBC in the UK.
Because they are vicious and cruel.
CNN is a highly reliable and reputable (for good reason) news organ. Little Donnie knows that. He has admitted that he calls CNN and other reputable news organs "fake news" not because they ARE fake news, but because he's hoping to convince his gullible supporters not to believe the negative things they publish about him.
CNN is doing what good journalism does – ask tough questions and get to the truth! Nothing about their reporting if "fake", that title belongs to FoxNews.
to paraphrase Harry Truman, CNN tells the truth and you think its cruel
Charlie (In your dreams):
Cry me a river.
Sore loser! Don't like the election results??? Next time don't alienate people all over the world with your hate, intolerance and pipe bombs!

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