Is being scruffy just one of his quirks?
Added to his red tie.
What a disgrace!

Best Answer:

Tavy: I thought exactly the same, and his hood was inside out. Reminded me of Michael Foot.

Other answer:

Nothing wrong with what Corbyn did, he also got the respectful bow more correct than many of the others.
I confess to not noticing that – so it can't be THAT outstandingly wrong. I didn't see him laying his wreath however – other things to get done this am.

Ah yes, now I see what you have picked up on. Pac-a-mac? Looks like a rather dark blue coat of some kind. He is his own person however, unfortunately on occasions. I would just say that although the sun is shining in London atm, we in the West are having some really heavy rain showers. So perhaps he was being sensible – giving him the benefit of the doubt!!

He thinks we're lucky he's there at all.

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