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\: It's the same morbid curiosity that keeps reality TV on air. It offers some relief that for all our own faults we are not as criminally stupid as others out there. This child's birth runs counter to Darwinism.

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cause for sonne reason they like that nanne
The First Dragon:
They belong to a designated terrorist group. That's a crime in the UK.
Granted, they haven't killed anybody, as far as I know. Neither have most burglars.
There was also a couple in the US – the Heath Campbells – who gave their children Nazi names, including Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation. They have lost custody of their 4 children due to abuse and neglect. As disturbing as their Nazi protestations may be, that would not have been enough to separate children from their parents in the US. They were just bad parents all around.
Mistress of Morality??:
If you're referring to the National Action couple who have just been found guilty, it's because they are stupid. I did play a little game with Muggsy and said I'd name my daughter, Eva, and the lefties took me seriously because they are dim.
I would not give a child a name that would get her bullied in school and to name their son Adolf is idiotic.
these people are scum, fancy naming your kid adolf, he would of got picked on at school, but his dump parents never thought of that, scum, the old lady looked foreign to me, so the kid would have a bit of foreign in him, interestingly a lot of these national action people seem to have foreign names, one of them was recently in israel considering converting to judaism before he found his true path in life of nazism, what a bunch of fruit cakes

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