– Saying things like "way better", "dude", "garbage" and "trash"
– Use of terms like "incel" (part of American subculture)
– Constantly talking about basements (not standard features of British houses)

Why are there so many liars on this site?

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Shadow: I hate it, especially now that mainstream british telly is speaking american words and grammar, even on the news.
People used to flee from conflicts, but now they flee conflicts.
People used to miss an opportunity, but now they miss out on an ooportunity. (Both american misuse).
The worst of all is the habit now on all game shows to call everyone 'guys' all the time. That is horrible.

Other answer:

That's a bit rich coming from,presumably an American. A country that can't even spell the language it predominantly speaks 'English'. If there was such a thing as an American (excluding Native American) language, spell it as you wish.
all the shite on TV
robert x:
I lived in the states and did have a tendency to use Americanism , but have managed to revert back to good old British expressions
Some of the words you mention have been in everyday use in Britain for a very long time. Basement, for example. Many, many buildings in the UK have basements. Just because our homes, (especially newer ones) don't have them, doesn't mean this is American English. It's NOT.
With regard to some other words and idioms, it is unfortunate that not only language but culture tends to travel from west to east. As an example of culture I'd put forward Proms and Halloween which we definitely did not celebrate until commerce found a way to make money out of them. Now they are seen almost as rites of passage! And words tend to become cool or uncool, whether they are imported from US or anywhere else. Our adoption of 'no worries' for example, came from Australia and is very widely assimilated into our everyday language.
Screens and their influence
Its flattery to mimic another accent you know.
English usage varies in all the countries in which its spoken but for all that its still English,
except for pidgin.
Shadow (Oxide):
Why I correct the spelling and grammar of others:

– I do not tolerate lacking standards
– It was ingrained into me from quite an early age
– To help people evolve
– So people see how sophisticated I am
– Amusement

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