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Huh?: We don't. Leaving the EU is clearly going to damage Britain's interests.

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they think they are right and everyone else is wrong.
we dont
Green Brick:
I would imagine that most 'Remainers' believe that the UK is a very beautiful and relatively safe place to live and therefore are generally not hate filed about it. However, we do 'hate' that we are leaving the EU, ruining job prospects for the younger generation, who were too young to vote, who are annoyed at the elderly, who'll be dead soon, for voting us out and causing all sorts of monetary woes, which are already affecting Business that import mostly European Goods.
Because they are weaklings and can't face the hard work and mental strain that rearranging ourselves will bring. Lazy weaklings – they don't like doing actual work.
A.J. Mojo:
Leaving the EU is flushing yourselves down the toilet you'll see !
armouror is My Alias:
yes many remoners deny me the right to have an opinion about my home just because at the moment I live in Australia

I am still English and proud of it and proud of Brexit

leaving the EU will Make the UK a better Richer country

I am a fervent Brexiteer and have been for years, but I don't assume people who think differently 'hate their country'. I believe they're mistaken, but it would be silly, hateful and counter-productive to insult them.
They suffer from a form of Stockholm Syndrome and are afraid of change.
Sir Prince Kenny:
I don't think they do hate our country. I think they want to see what is best for Britain but, in my opinion, remaining is wrong. I have given my reasons before, so there is no need to repeat them here. Macron has said that a European super state is needed with it's own army. That is in reference to the E.U, becoming the United States of Europe, a proposition that I am vehemently opposed to.

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