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Sir Prince Kenny: It's totally out of proportion. There is one advert with a white grandfather and his two mixed race grandchildren. Another guy looking at himself in a window, only to have the window open to reveal a black dude and his white female partner. There is one advert of a mixed race lesbian couple. It is done deliberately to condition us into thinking that this is the norm, when in reality of course, it is nowhere near the norm.

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Sir Prince Kenny:
one could say that there many fewer black women /white men couples in society. which is why the more typical interracial relationships of black man and white woman is shown on tv has be representative of society.
Doug Freyburger:
Maybe they film in my neighborhood in Austin, US.
If you mean adverts (rather than programmes), I would say at least half are shown as mixed race.
However, according to the last census, "mixed" marriages were 1 in 10 of all marriages, with 40% of those being Irish-Uk marriage. Black – white marriages were 1 in 25,
When the ratio of blacks to whites is a near 1:1, math would prove it normal.
Political correctness.
Brainwashing darling. Resist as you clearly are doing.
I don't watch TV with a clipboard noting appearances of mixed race couples but my perception isn't of "most" couples being mixed race.
I really don't know what TV channels you're watching!

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