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Frank: The Shia Islamist extremist groups Iran sponsors have paramilitaries that are a threat to Israeli citizens but have never attacked citizens in a Western country. Only America portrays Iran as the biggest sponsor of terrorism to please its puppet master Israel.

Saudi Arabia has been identified as the biggest sponsor of Sunni Islamist extremism which spawns the terrorism that threatens the citizens in Western countries. For example, the Saudis build mosques in Western countries and support organisations that host the hate preachers who radicalize individuals, some of whom go on to carry out acts of terror. Even if the Saudi government doesn't sponsor ISIS, it is known there are Saudi citizens who do.

Saudi Arabia is the worst of the two countries by far.

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Iran of course..
The Donald:
black hawk:
Neither; since they are too far away to be considered important.
blue sky:
All those who said Saudi…beware of mutilation followed by acid bath
Saudi Arabia. Iranian people are actually nice. Saudis are stuck up.
Boney Boy Bailey:
I wouldn't plan a holiday in neither. Go to Wales like a normal person.
Vim Squeezy:
Saudi Arabia by a country mile, the Iranians are not funding mosques all over the western world or ISIS, in fact there has never been one Shia terrorist attack on any western civilian target, I know Iranians and none of them like the regime but they cling onto them because of American belligerence.

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