has the date benn established or is it dependant on negotiations? when roughly is it supposed to be?

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Frank: they haven't got a deal to vote on yet, I think November was the original idea (this month). They were supposed to have a deal with final tweaks at the summit this month (which i believe was cancelled after the fiasco of the last summit).

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It will have to be before 29 March 2019,
its only been two and half years and we haven't a clue what is agreed or not agreed we may do this we may do that in the end there will be something we don't know what it will be but it will be something like the select committee have found out it could be this it could be that are you prepared for what happens we don't know what it will be yet are you the one they call Harrison well you will get what it is when it is and there aint a thing you can do about it like universal credit
Ask the Brexiteers, it's their circus, their monkeys…
Never – if the Brexshitters have their way!
So much for British democracy!

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