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Nāga: The guy was a rude terrible person and The President is all powerful and can do what he likes. There won't be any more confrontations if Acosta is banned & everyone else can get a chance with their questions.

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As we all saw; this bloke, Acosta, was asking Donald Trump extremely rude questions about the size of the president's willy. He then behaved in a sickening manner, by punching a Whitehouse staffer – breaking her jaw and several of her ribs. He then went on a rampage, refusing to hand over the microphone and tried to throw a grenade at secret service agents, who had to wrestle him to the ground.

That's as believable as the blatantly obvious lies that Trump and Sarah Huck Fin Sanders have concocted.

Trump doesn't like facts, or pertinent questioning.

The White House fabricating a feeble excuse, based on a blatant lie, to gag a newsman who asks challenging but pertinent questions of the President sounds like the start of a very nasty slippery slope with historical precedents.
Acosta was deliberately rude and wasting precious time.

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