He threatened to rape and murder Liz, which would indicate he's straight. But he also posted gay porn. Not forgetting he Googles "horse c0ck" and admits to having sex with his pet dog.

Best Answer:

Nāga: His sexuality doesn't detract from his mental illness, but may be connected, for example he's in denial about his homosexuality.

Other answer:

If he thinks piercings,including earrings are debauched,how will he cope with messy sex?
Mistress of Morality??:
I told you in a question about me to live your own life. Take that on board.

That pet dog business is fake. Someone was posing as him.

Jack H:
Strange to non existent, he once said that he would show a young woman a good time by playing video games and watching zombie films, I think it was either Corny or Catrin daughter… strange lad…

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