What Bloggers Can Do With Their Old Designs?

Things to do with old designsRedesigning is kind of new trends with blogs. As Smashing Magazine, Mashable &  larger number of other blogs are redesigning their blogs with some stunning new looks & user experience. I noticed that old design of these blogs was also good & that made me think that people can use their old designs in more than one way.

This idea came to me few days back, when I found blog post on a famous design blog that gave sneak peek of their new design. I felt current design of that website was also pretty awesome. I quickly made a comment on the post suggesting him that he should donate his old design to new & upcoming bloggers which can help them in some way.

So following is the list what bloggers can do with their old design, rather than completely scraping them of.

1. Donate to new bloggers or to non-profit organizations.

Things to do with old designs

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Donating is a good option as they will not only appreciate, but will also mention your good deed by telling their audience about it. This will bring good traffic to your blog, and also you will earn good karma for it.

2. Auction your old designs.

Things to do with old designsAuctioning is other option bloggers should try doing it with their old design as there are many people who would want an ownership on the design which has been known by people for long time. Either you can completely auction the old design or you can sell the design in parts like selling your logos, icons, header or footer PSD in your auction.

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3. Create a giveaway post where you can give your old design as the prize

Things to do with old designsGiveaway is a great way to get large traffic on the blog & giving old design as a prize would surely make everyone crazy & the word about your old design is given away in giveaway post will spread like fire & people will do anything to have their hands on your old designs. This will also get you lots of new subscriber to your blog.

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4. Reward your subscriber by gifting old design to most commenter on the blog.

Things to do with old designsRewards are the best way to say that you care about your subscribers. So rewarding your old design to the subscriber with most comments will show that you always reward the most loyal follower of your blog with some exciting gifts . So this will not only give you more followers to your blog, but also you will earn large number of loyal followers which are always needed for any bloggers.

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5. Sell your design in marketplace.

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Putting up your design for sell in marketplace will definitely make you richer by some dime as there are many readers who will wish to have website like yours.

6.Distribute design under Creative Common Rights.

Distributing design under creative common rights is a good idea, in this way you generate large number of backlinks & traffic to your blog.

7.Share old design with some slight modification to subscribers of the blogs.

If you are not willing to give your original design of your blog, then you can create a modified version of design & can distribute that design to your readers. It will be a win-win situation for you as well as for your reader.

8.Give them away in freebies.

Things to do with old designs

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Giving your design as freebie, without any conditions will show your generosity & you will get huge traffic too, as most of the blogger will point to your domain suggesting their user to download your old design.

9.Write tutorials showing how you created your design.

Things to do with old designs

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Tutorials on how you created your old design is other way of showing your willingness to your subscriber to give them an inside to your design concept & let them know the kind of hard work you put into your designing.

10.Giveaway psd’s in freebies.

If you are not willing to share your complete design, then best thing you can offer freebies of PSD document of your design.

So just don’t garbage your old design as there are many bloggers who are die-hard fan of your blog, who would like to receive their favourite blogs old design & would like to implement them on their blog. By this way you can get large traffic but also generate some good fan following on to your blogs.

Feel free to share your comments with us.

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