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Woden: The official Vote Leave campaign devoted its final mail shot to the dishonest claim that "Tutkey is set to join the EU", adding to social media ads and posters claiming "Turkey IS joining the EU" and the even more dishonest claim by at least one campaigner that a vote against Brexit would be "a vote in favour of Turks moving here freely when they join the EU SOON”. The issue of Turkey's accession to the EU was given such promininence because a poll in March 2016 had revealed support for Brexit would increase if there was a prospect of Turkey joining the EU.

Brexiters weren't gullible to believe Vote Leave's scaremongering lies so late in the campaign because too little was done to counter them and ordinary people couldn't be expected to understand the long history of Turkey's accession application and its failure to pass all but the easiest if the EU's many tests all applicant states must pass. Turkey is unlikely to ever pass the human rights test as it becomes more Islamic. Neither could they be expected to understand that the unanimous agreement of all EU states to accession is required and there are states that would use their vetoes. Greece and Cyprus for example would use their vetoes because Turkey refuses to recognise the Cypriot government. Some of the former East European states would use their vetoes because they won't accept Muslims.

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They were tricked by a great many lies, this was just one of them.

We are human beings and all liable to be fooled by the lies of others, especially politicians. You must be very lucky or very young if you have never been deceived by others.

What makes the difference is what a person does when they realise they have been lied to.

Do they learn from the experience and realise that the person or indeed political party who lied to them will do it again and cannot be trusted or not.

No. The people who voted to exit did so because they didn't want some foreign group making the laws and rules for their country. They realized that they didn't have a vote in the EU and that EU policies were harming industries but giving preferential treatment to other countries. The EU Is a globalist group that is made up of ultra rich people making laws for countries that the people have no vote, nor do the governments in the EU.
David 420™:
Both, but mostly the fake news which has been repeated ad nauseam for years by rags like the Daily Express, Daily Mail and The Sun and UKIP. Another lie was that millions of Romanians and Bulgarians were going to 'swamp' the country in 2014, which never happened.
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Many were…
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