Chinese Chess is fascinating and fun! Like traditional chess, chinese chess is very challenging. Chinese chess is quickly becoming accepted in the Western world by both Asians and Americans alike. For those that are new to chinese chess, the markings on each piece quickly become familiar. Chinese chess sets can be obtained from a number of sources. Chinese shops will generally carry a cheaper variety paper board and wooden pieces with the standard red and black inscriptions. We have brought together a selection of more desirable and durable chinese chess sets.


  1. Red moves first
  2. Win by checkmate or stalemate of the opponent’s King
  3. Perpetual check is not allowed and you cannot check your opponent more than three times consecutively with the same position on the board.
  4. You can’t force an enemy piece to move to and from the same two points endlessley in order for them to avoid capture. This rule avoids perpetual check type draws.
  5. Game is drawn when checkmate or stalemate are impossible.

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