If you earn £50,000 then the chancellor has handed you £850 a year.If you earn 12,500 a year he will give you 6 time less,namely £130.

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John: Fair? FAIR?????
No such word as "fair" in the Tory vocabulary!
Unless you consider robbing the poor to give to the rich fair!

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not fair.. but thats life
but the ni contribution would be much higher for the higher salary and you might well be in a position of such responsibility you could be prosecuted if anything went wrong on your watch or discredited if failed to perform according to budgets etc.
Yes, fair is the fact of differentiation between the first version and the other, but the base and the percent of the salary injection if is no, some thing of these two statements, you defined, then that is again no fair, no.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi yes what you don't grasp is over 55000 a year means you don't need it to live so it is just for luxury goods such as perfume.
You’ve got it back-the-front.

The money belongs to its rightful owners, not the government, and there is no fair rate of tax.

it is what they believe you are worth in capitalism there is a price not a value and Banksie the artist proved it he auctioned a painting at a famous auction house it sold for a million pounds and immediately the picture frame had a invisible shredder inside the painting half shredded the half hanging underneath in shreds ruined and the painting became worth double the rich have no real value at all do they a gimmick is worth a million pounds if you had banksies signature on your head how much would you be worth there is no value and like kids in Yemen if selling a bomb is worth it you die and they do
No, but is life fair? Ever? Of course not. And, if you know your politics you will know that, at all costs, the Conservatives will reward the well-off by making them more well off. Anyone else is a 'scrounging pleb'. Oh, unless there's a general election coming up, of course.
Top earners or people earning over £50k don't need a tax cut but people on low pay need to be taken out of tax altogether.

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