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Siddhartha: Turkey and America will benefit; they're more interesting destinations anyway.

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No. Back to Turkey again for me. You can go to Centre Parks.
I guarantee like the Banks fiasco the rich will be OK and the people will pay the shortfall whichever way it goes, this will break us we are divided about the welfare of who ? mostly me we are in a terrible place but most will not admit it, deep in debt falling apart at the seams everywhere a government that are trying to get a deal through by the back door there is no information at all and there will be no time to discuss it, we take it or collapse will be the choice!! Theresa May is a jinx !! she has failed in everything she has ever done you can keep your filthy remarks it won't change a thing, you will pay dearly for this wait and see I cannot hope it will be good though I would love too, for the good people in Britain but I have competed with cowboys all my life and we are cowboys today I cannot see it succeeding there are no foundations for the place to stand on the conservatives have pulled the rug from underneath us they have punishes us for 10 years and we are worse off in every way the well is dry and dreams are for lotteries
its all bolox isnt it, eralier there was a deal being struck, then no deal plans are being stepped, its a load of bollox, i have been waiting for may to get ousted for nearly 2 years now, i hope the hole thing collapses, government falls and a nasty recession, just for a laugh
Project Fear at work, and only the most gullible would fall for it.
Mistress of Morality??:
Just as Nigel Farage predicted, once we get near to the time of Brexit, the Europeans will suddenly want to make deals!
no, because Spain obviously wants to negotiate a plan. Just like all the other countries that want our trade.

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