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wandycakes: He can’t get it funded by congress.

Other answer:

He should, but he won't, because much of what he says, is total crap.
He is building the Wool – you bin conned.
Paying for the wall is not a problem. America does not have to pay. Neither does Mexico. The drug barons the wall is designed for can pay for the wall. These drug lords have billions of dollars in the bank.
David 420™:
A wall is a stupid idea and a load of election time hot air.
It's never going to happen.
It'll be extremely expensive and it wouldn't be effective at keeping illegal immigrants out, anyway, there are these things called boats, planes and tunnels.
If they were serious about cracking down on illegal immigration, they would increase the Border Patrol and enforce laws against employers who employed illegal immigrants. They're not.
Mistress of Morality??:
If he doesn't honour his pledge he will lose credibility.
He also said the Mexicans would pay for it and that's not going to happen.
Jack H:
Ahh, that was when he was campaigning, now, it will happen during his second term, honest…
Boney Boy Bailey:
How can he? Can't make Mexico pay as much as he thinks he can. America isn't solvent hasn't been for a long time. They don't deliver what they say, nowhere.
Weasel McWeasel:
you still believe that lie?????

*snicker snicker snicker*

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