So what if they did?

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Jimmy C: The police are complaining they do not have enough resources to take care of crime, but that is no wonder when they are wasting their time charging people for burning a cardboaurd box. ridiculous.

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Jimmy C:
these guys need pitying… their mentality is lacking in judgement.. its one thing to poke fun at a dreadful event,,,, but even worse than that is just how dumb they were by posting it on the internet .. the dumb get dumber
No, it was a satirical prank.
I Hate Peas:
It is a horrible thing to do considering how many people died due to the neglect of the council, HOWEVER, offensive and upsetting though it may be, the act of burning the effigy isn't illegal, the only thing the law could touch would be if the fire itself was where it wasn't meant to be. Other than that, they're clutching at straws.
blue sky:
No' they are not criminals..but it's shocking to see white people behaving like scum …those poor souls who have died need a bit of respect
Mistress of Morality??:
It's morally wrong, not criminally wrong, although they are vile scum.

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