Law-abiding people shouldn't have to suffer because of what Michael Ryan and Thomas Hamilton did. I would like to own the M1 Garand, SVT-40, Gewehr 43, M1911A1, Webley Mk VI, Enfield No. 2 Mk I, Luger P08, Walther P38, Nagant M1895 and Tokarev TT-33.

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Noah: Basically ALL adult free human beings with the exception of criminals and those judged to be incompetent have a RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Governments may refuse to acknowledge that right and oddly, they have the guns to back up what ever edicts they chose. If a 'government' which is supposed to 'the people' in a representative democracy can get away with restricting the 'Right to Bear Arms' there's no reason why the same government can't restricted other rights. In nations that are not representative democracies the power of 'government' can and does restrict all human rights… and that's most of the modern world. It's not a question 'allowing' people to own their private arms, governments have no 'right' to force free people to disarm…how they get away with such an insult is the real question.

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NO: there is no need for such weapons to held in private individuals hands..
Guns ffs a cowards choice.
real men use their fists
No, not during population replacement programme.
Just Another Soul:
Move to the US.
Boney Boy Bailey:
No, there's enough guns available that are still legal, you don't need a gun that fires a lot of rounds without reloading, people who don't know much about guns still know about and, are rightfully concerned about guns that have too much killing power. Thomas Hamilton is still the worst ever gunman in the UK and that happened as long ago as 1996 so it's working clearly.

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