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Chicken George in tweed: It's disgusting and makes me sick. A ban is necessary.

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Chicken George in tweed:
Not banned because the moment the media is censored, it's a slippery slope to big trouble. What should be controlled, is the apparent current PC need to have homosexual storylines EVERYWHERE. It makes me sick to have such relationships invading my living room at every turn. If that makes me homophobic, so be it although I really don't CARE what two consenting adults do provided it's in the privacy of their homes. Sometimes I wonder whether, being straight, makes me one of the minority these days!!
Roger the Dodger:
Yet the right seem to want to claim that it's the left who want things censored and banned….

Look at them squirm below! No one from the left comes on here demanding things be banned, yet as soon as there's something they don't like, the usual suspects want it banned.

It is the manifestation of the agenda-driven section of a minority group trying to exhibit its way of life.

Many, many people find homosexual activity utterly revolting (the most common type being males being repulsed my male-on-male activity and females being repulsed by female-on-female activity). There is no valid justification for showing it. There is definitely severe overrepresentation.

I really wish scientists would discover and eliminate whatever causes non-heterosexual orientations. It would only produce positive results, including, but not limited to:

– The revolting and/or obnoxious behaviour seen at the rallies and sometimes in public
– Incessant promotion of the behaviour in the media, which triggers revulsion in many
– Disruption and road closures caused by staging of the rallies
– Large amounts of grievance-mongering
– Fear of developing non-heterosexual orientation
– Rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases (HIV being the most prominent and dangerous)

Vim Squeezy:
No you massive bellend.

I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody the other day with my Dad, he's ex-military and groaned and squirmed through all the gay bits ?

David 420™:
If you don't like it watch something else.
There aren't that many of them anyway.
Yes, or at least forced onto channels that cater to those who enjoy such deviance.
Mistress of Morality??:
Not going to happen while Jews own the media.
Storylines should emphasise that such behaviour isn't normal. Its all getting a bit much on Hollyoaks where at least half the cast are gay. That show is just pro-gay propaganda and in no way reflects a realistic picture of a British town.
If you dont like it, dont watch it.

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