I would win every time, but it would be interesting to see who the runners-up would be.

Best Answer:

Shadow: Desirable attributes that Britain's inherent qualities threaten (notice the word 'inherent'), including but not limited to:

1) Maximum protection against internal threats (lack of political or cultural safeguards against subversive elements, lack of proper and rigid national (including racial, which has massive tactical value) definition, etc)
2) Maximum protection against external threats (Islam and Islamification with all of their deadly and destructive effects, South Asian child rape gangs (1,500+ victims), belligerent African activity, hostile espionage, alien tribal subversion (How long before a 2009 Fort Hood Shooting-like attack?), grievance-mongering, etc). These aspects are all enabled by uninhibited racial heterogeneity and continue to be so.
3) Measures against cultural degradation (degradation includes promotion and embracement of tattoos, piercings, uncouth behaviour, obsession with trivial aspects, immodest dressing, etc, with no relevant regulatory bodies to monitor the situation).

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Other answer:

If you were strong-minded enough, you'd have set up the annual strong-mindedness competition and won it.
Long Distance:
Georgia Clark:
No. And what would be the point if you would win every time?
Is that "strong minded" as in stubborn, mule like ,and refusal to alter one's opinion, despite reality indicating otherwise —

Or the grit and determination to see "right",but difficult decisions, through to a conclusion .

(Ironically , the first tends to more reflect the Liberal-Left in the UK)

Shadow (Oxide):
Some examples of my intense mental strength can be found in comments on my answers to this question (see link in comment).

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