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Mistress of Morality??: Yes, I said that earlier.

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Mistress of Morality??:
Yes. They're banning Yahoo answers next
They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage:
Fireworks are banned by local governments, usually because old people want such bans. Old people tend to vote conservative.

Once again, you've confused reality with fantasy, most likely by assuming you're average or normal. Quit pretending your tastes are automatically conservatives, as they are not.

We are slowly moving to a fascist government
The problem here is a lack of understanding. 'Fun' does not consist of terrifying pets, and calling out the Fire Service or Ambulance. Much of modern youth has insufficient common sense to be able to have fun without harming other people. Lack of impulse control is probably down to gaming.
Oh, and never mind the effigy burning…. Sometimes those on the Left are the real conservatives (keepers) of society.

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