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Siddhartha: I'm all for only allowing fireworks in licensed displays. Selling tubes of explosive to the public is dangerous – you might as well sell them dynamite.

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I'd settle for organised displays AND on specified dates, like November 5 (UK). What really bugs me, and thankfully my two hounds don't really react at all to unexpected bangs unless right next door, is the fact that so many animals ARE frightened by fireworks but that could be minimised IF the dates they were going to be used, were known. Round here this year, we had fireworks locally on Friday last, less on Saturday and Sunday and virtually NONE on November 5. And that's just not on! Then there's the use of fireworks for other occasions – weddings for eg. None of which is known ahead of time.

If there are any cons about fireworks, it's they cost so much these days (what a waste of money) that any private fireworks don't last for much more than 15 minutes.

Mistress of Morality??:
Stupid people will get injured, that's inevitable, in every walk of life. If they take proper precautions fireworks are perfectly safe, but lefties wish to ban every pleasure in life and turn us into mindless automatons in an Orwellian type society.
Adullah M:
If it is handle by the experts who know their staff then would be OK. Just like guns in the hands of the kids or lunatic then it is facing the same danger.
Isn't that ironic??? I just saw a video on YouTube that showed somebody's house burning down because of fireworks! Those things are stupid and dangerous. Why are fireworks legal?
Jack H:
Ban the bloody things, set fire to anyone wanting to buy them organised displays only…
People dumb enough to mishandle fireworks so severely that they get injured arent likely to be dissuaded by graphic imagery
Vim Squeezy:
I really don't get it, was walking about yesterday and felt like I was in Syria, the dogs were going nuts, I gain enormous comfort knowing that the people doing this might get hurt.
silly nanny state really, maybe hammers should have pictures of smashed thumbs, car doors should have pictures of a child s tombstone.

I mean it s caveat emptor really, the thing blows up and burns, so it s dangerous and can hurt you.

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