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Siddhartha: I'd actually question this. I don't see much hand to mouth in that age group, especially in the mall on a Saturday afternoon. It's more about the choices you make financially in life. The older generation didn't have to choose between the last £1000 mobile phone and a designer handbag, or a mortgage. They just saw the value of a mortgage and went for it. The young don't give a damn about racking up other sorts of debt.
Things won't get a lot better because the UK is a country in decline. The poor get poorer whilst the rich get richer as consumerism becomes ever more rampant and greed rules every increasingly.
But you can help yourselves by making wise choices about spending on your needs, not your wants.

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What are "Britons"?
Not as long as Muslim immigrants are being let in freely.
armouror is My Alias:
Yes once out of the EU food Prices will drop and the quality will improve
Guru Hank:
Or 'finger to nose'. I blame the teachers.
Not whilst the country has far too many foreign immigrants draining the welfare and health system, no.
YES – leaving the EU completely will improve things dramatically. The EU are just a bunch of money grabbing bullies.
Ghost Of Christmas Past:
No. With Brexit just around the corner, things will get worse.
Mistress of Morality??:
They need to develop a work ethic instead of lounging around the streets drinking cans of Special Brew.

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