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Siddhartha: Yep, he was laying barbed wire to keep us all in, it was all an EU plot.

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yes: he knew about how important borders are to a country
No, Ha Ha, that is not what Brexit did to him. He was planning this for years before that debacle.
it's the banana record i enjoyed best.
What a waste of time and energy, but if that is what he wants to do, fair enough.
I read this as well, and Brexit wasn't mentioned.
good on him what a feat
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi no he wanted to prove to himself he could do it. so he has an idea he could do better than just sit around and do nothing like tap words on a keyboard. something i shall do in the next 20 minutes. having worked even being physically disabled since teh age of 18 years old. now in my 73 rd year. so yes we where better off before we got talked into being part of the europe and it's stupid laws which have made us so poor.
so time get up off your fat ar*se and do so work.

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