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Nāga: I was not even shocked to see that the police made multiple arrests on the burning of an effigy made of cardboard, but had failed to make any headway on the murders of six young Londoners this week alone.

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Once they have made arrests they can search premises under PACE S.18 1984
The police did not raid homes. The producers of the video went to the police station of their own accord.
Jas B:
Every crime should be investigated, including hate crimes.

The Met has already been forced to make more than £700 million in cuts since 2010 and must cut a further £325 million by 2021.

We have 21,000 fewer police officers now than in 2010.

What we need is enough police officers to investigate all crimes. What we have is a police force desperately trying to do their job and not being given the resources to do so.

No, allow killers to eradicate each other – its a whizz.
A lot of people were offended
it was a terrible human tragedy
that could have been prevented

I hope they are all charged with
public order offences accordingly

The police have the right to search
their homes using a section 18 law
it could reveal organised hate crime

Vim Squeezy:
There's plenty more important things they should be doing, just post the photos of the people who did it in the papers so we can lynch them, no need for police to get involved
Mistress of Morality??:
Their time could be better spent finding the 23,000 Jihadi roaming Britain because it's only a matter of time before we are subjected to another terrorist attack.

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