You have done a wonderful job so far, keep going @ positive ! 🙂

Bless x 2.

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Mistress of Morality??: Probably not because the left wing trolls with sent it to REPTILES or INSTALLING THE ENGINE.

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Mistress of Morality??:
There are 'decent' questions still, but debate gets cut-off by premature awarding of BA so that the radical info is stuck for posterity.
I usually don't bother asking questions in this section because all the right wing trolls move my questions info the wrong category.
Green Brick:
Well, what are you waiting for, go for it…
I know how you feel. I am sick to death of people asking about trivial matters, ignoring the very serious ones.

This is one of the major problems with the typical British mentality. They generally get upset at and invested in the less severe problems, but they do not get outraged and militant-minded at the very serious ones (population replacement, eradication of Britons (racial type), Islamification, multiracialism-enabled depredations, etc).

A.J. Mojo:
All these goons have are the rag tabloids all they do
is trawl about for anything they can use as racial hatred

As I've said already get rid of the deightons that's a start
if everyone blocks the deighton / franks and ignores them

Apart from that all you have here is HOUSING ESTATE MENTALITY
some cannot even punctuate using capital letters where appropriate

Inbreds !

A. J. Hoho?:
You wouldn't know a decent question it it bit you on your elbow.

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