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davina: Why did the Lusitania sail in with no protective destroyer screen? Were the destroyers all busy somewhere else?

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NOPE,, what nonsense…FACT NOT FAKE NEWS – Japan got the Americans INVOLVED into the war when it bombed pearl harbour 7.12/1941.. if they hadnt have done so then the Americans would never have gone to war but would have profiteered by supplying arms
Yes, he was seen by the coastguard wearing a pointed metal hat.
None. German boat U-20 sunk the ship. The US was outraged and Kaiser Wilhelm vowed to ban any further attacks upon passenger liners. The US didn't enter the war until two years later.

It is ridiculous to think that the British would have purposely sunk one of their own ships bearing so many civilians to sway public and political opinion across the ocean.

None. I doubt he told the Germans to sink the ship. Churchill was in the British government during WW1 at the time of the sinking of the Lusitania but was well short of being Prime Minister of Britain and would have not had the ability to organise such things. It was not until WW2 that he became Prime Minister. The British and German governments had an agreement that civilian ships were not to be attacked. The Lusitania was a civilian liner not being used for military purposes so should not have been attacked. There were reports of huge explosions inside the ship after the torpedo exploded and the Germans claimed the ship was secretly carrying munitions for the British military so it was a legitimate target, but of course they would not have known that if the ship had not exploded so badly after being torpedoed so could really say they attacked a military target. As there were many Americans on board Americans were furious and it tipped the Americans in favour fighting on the British side as up to them many had called on the American government to join the German side in the war.
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No, it didn't. The maritime laws at the time stated that passenger vessels were off-limits but military vessels and vessels carrying military cargo were fair targets.

Britain and the United States tried shipping war materials in the hold of the passenger ship Lusitania. Germany knew about it and even warned the ship owners, placed notices in the newspaper and posted notices at the docks warning passengers to not take the Lusitania.

The story of the Lusitania is but one reason the history books gives to avoid telling the truth about how the United States got into WW1. Another reason commonly given is the Zimmermann Telegram.

What they are hiding is that the Zionist Jews who were in support for Germany during the first half of the war suddenly turned on them and supported Germany's enemies (they committed treason) by offering to bring the United States into the war in exchange for the rights to Palestine – this was why the Balfour Declaration was written, as guarantee that Britain would uphold its end of the agreement.

The Zionist Jews have to be protected for what they did because the world has been duped into believing that the Jews can do no wrong and because future events that happened because of the Zionists in WW2 would be less likely to be swept under the rug.

The German U boat Captain even wrote a book about the sinking

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