it was Neil Lennon the other day

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Frank: do you mean the abuse he gets makes you sick, or the fact that he doesn't wear a poppy?

Why would you want him to wear a poppy if he doesn't feel an affiliation to the British armed forces?

He's making it clear that his identity is that of an Irish Catholic.

During WW1 Ireland was occupied by British forces, and a catholic led coup was put down by The British Army. during WW2 Ireland was neutral, they did not allow UK operations from the North West coast of Ireland and they sent a message of sympathy when Hitler died – so it would be odd to expect the descendants to wear poppies.

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Its a personal choice to wear or not wear a poppy. People shouldn't be questioned or berated for not wearing one, and vice versa people shouldn't be questioned on why they wear one – this should be known to everyone already. Its about the sacrifices made to keep Britain, British and free. We let them down on that . We owe them our respect for giving their lives. People playing in the UK premiership would do well to remember that without those sacrifices , they would not be playing high level football and earning £200,000 a week. They do have a debt of gratitude but as I say, it is a personal choice to wear or not wear a poppy.
I respect to poppy tradition and all it stands for, but people criticising those who won't wear a poppy, are missing the fundamental point, that these wars were fought for freedom. Freedom to do what you want, think what you want, wear what you want etc etc. Freedom cannot mean , do what you want as long as I agree with it.
Making Holocaust denying, a crime, is a similar situation.
Holloway Road:
Google if you do not belive when I say that African migrants are all Ireland and are being housed in hotels
I do not wear a poppy either, but for different reasons.

While I do think what happened to all of British military personnel involved in the World Wars and successive conflicts was extremely horrific and tragic (they were horrendously manipulated and deserved far better), it does not change the fact that the poppy is part of British culture. British culture is malignant, degrading and faulty, like the nation it is attached to. The United Kingdom should be dissolved.

It is nothing personal. The evidence shows that Britain is a nation with inherent components that render it incorrigibly weak, unviable, destructive (physically and racially) and life-endangering. Had the servicemen been aware of this, they would not have bothered.

It is very inappropriate to bear symbols or attire of enemy civilisations.

I have not come across any disapproval or hostility from others for not wearing one.

If James McClean was Black he'd receive no grief from the idiotic cavemen of Stoke.
Don't play in England if you can't stomach the accepted traditions.
Vim Squeezy:
Why would anyone want to honour terrorism in their country, its like asking Jimmy Savilles victims to wear a Jim'll fixit badge

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