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Maria ?: Nope, not at all. It's a massive overreaction by snowflakes.

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Maria ?:
It gave the old hag a break from defending the indefensible Brexit is Brexit mantra.
Thomas Price:
She is keen to avoid black unrest or riots which could break out at the drop of a hat and is only avoided by bending over backwards to please them.
They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage:
Well, it wasn't as if the Pm was going to discuss Brexit.
A.J. Mojo:

Now send them out with fire and ambulance crews for a month


Roger the Dodger:
The Prime Minister would comment on anything if she thought it might make her look a little less clueless – especially if she's just echoing what the majority have already said.
Holloway Road:
There have been black riots in London every decade since 1950s
Yes it was that bad. I am glad she commented and I hope they punish the miscreants suitably.

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