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Jack H: A Jewish chap too, probably homosexual, it should worry them a lot really…( think about it, a Jewish lad in his 30's, unmarried, hanging out with sailor types), just saying like, innitt

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Jack H:
I am not at all right wing. I boycott Christmas because I abhor organised religion and materialism and meaningless rituals
Jimmy C:
Christmas is already being destroyed by political correctness and christianity is being replaced by other hideous religious beliefs.
There was a time when we celebrated the birth of Jesus, with Christmas carols all about Jesus, nativity scenes, lots of turkey and booze, followed by sleeping, (not necessarily with the right people), and giving small presents like a box of chocolates.

Now it is all about celebrating Santa Claus or Father Christmas, spending all our money on ridiculous presents, watching christmas ads without white people in, and still drinking and eating.

But also it called the 'Festive Season' in Britain and 'The Holidays' in North America and we are not supposed to mention Jesus, all so we do not offend all the people of strange relgions who are not supposed to celebrate Christmas anyway.

Son of T3:
With that thinking the names of the week should be changed and most of the months. They are really Universal Right Wing.

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