like Vietnam or WW2.

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Night Sky: No. I would be a conscientious objector.

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Night Sky:
i suffer from ….. ahem …… cough …….. bone spurs !
We don't fight wars the same way. We have real time satellite and drone imagery that gives us up to the second information on where the soldiers are. We have missiles and bombs that can clear city blocks of enemy soldiers. We have bombs that can turn a 30 story building into a 60 foot crater. A single aircraft carrier group can toast a continent. In Operation Desert Storm, we had Iraq begging us to stop the bombs long before the first boots hit the sand. We don't need to have a draft, if we had F/A-18 Hornets on D-Day, we would have taken the beach and the first five miles of land without losing one soldier.
I'm well past the age to even be considered for voluntary military service, so no, I won't go.
The majority of troops in WW Two were drafted. In Vietnam they were volunteers. I volunteered for 20 years so I would see no problem going again if they wanted to draft me.

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