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Mistress of Morality??: You are a sad and lonely little man.

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Mistress of Morality??:
Your lying again Shorpey, even I am pretty sure the Nazi will be a good mother…
A.J. Mojo:
That is not how the process works you poor lonesome liar

Dianne knows what she is doing she will be a hormonal train
wreck at the moment and her fat other will be going "Digbeth"

Choice no choice for a sexual pestilence and body vulture
no matter where he goes rub and tug or street all he will get
will be someone somewhere linked to being migrants so he'll
be going there because Dianne is a mess for months yet and
he will dipping her in the back porch bringing in some immigrant

Dianne will know they'll get bed bugs from him being in brothels

You can't just phone social services and get a visit you poor loner

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