Arron Banks takes money from Russia.

Nigel Farage takes money and advice from American neo-cons.

Jacob Rees Mogg hides his money in Ireland

Boris Johnson takes bribes from the Saudis.

Daniel Hannan said Leave campaign never promised radical decline in immigration
Deny deny deny deny

Best Answer:

Anne Campbell: I have to say in some cases innocent until proven guilty. However I see Moggy an his chums are not in touch with or concerned about ordinary people and their lives. Whatever happens will have no effect on them, they live in a bubble of wealth and privilege which protects them from any consequence for their behaviour. They are also in my mind guilty of misleading ordinary people.

Other answer:

Anne Campbell:
Ah, little one. You have much to learn.
Blair, CaMoron, corbyn laden, Soros all snowwhite remainers?
and the remainers the whole lot are crooks and you all know it all that matters is your little stash it has to fail I told you many times its a race to the bottom the British people can never win there are people in the world on pennies an hour we have to fail you win by being the best not the cheapest
Capitalist system. Why are you so surprised that such cads and spivs don't hold the people's best interests to heart.
It is said that Cameron wishes to return to power too.
That is why England is now a shithole. People like that having too much influence.
The British elected to leave the EU before they were booted out for lying cheating and being pirates, as always.
SS-Obersturmbannführer Jake:
Oh shut up you pathetic Brussels shill.
David Cameron hides his money in offshore Panama accounts and stole £9,000,000 of british tax payers money to spend on a propaganda leaflet.

The Tories in Thanet, Kent, stole votes from Nigel Farage in the general elections and are now under investigation at the CROWN Court for voter fraud and over spending on their campaign. The paper voting boxes were missing for 4 hours.

Jack H:
They were carefully vetted before joining the club…

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