If everyone was so concerned about the EU why didn't they participate before?
Abstentionism is turning up and drawing a willy on the card not not turning up

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David 420™: Probably because the Daily Mail, The Sun and Daily Express didn't tell them to, meanwhile they complained the EU was "undemocratic".

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David 420™:
Because many of us were completely apathetic about voting for EU MP's when we just wanted out of that union.
perhaps a choice of more than two is too hard. i have peers who objected to uk joining the common market as it was then and haven't changed their mind since, totally disregarding the way meps have previously worked for uk to get dispensation from many eu aspects, abstentions from participation, and complete changes in eu policy.
Because the EU parliament is designed to be powerless , and we know it
How many voted to join the Common Market back in the seventies, eh?

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