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David 420™: Sure. Irish, Polish, Ukrainian, & Brazilian, all living in the UK though.
Nationality doesn't matter at all, only culture does and where there isn't a language barrier.

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David 420™:
Yes Irish Scottish Welsh Australian NZ and a white South African as you can see I am Not Racist my second wife was a Blond Swedish Australian English Girl
Shadow (Reaver):
Some low-grade nobodies off the street being more enlightened and analytical than a highly pragmatic, logically focused, competent and intensely strong-minded tactician with uniquely high adeptness with threat detection?

How wonderfully humorous.

Vim Squeezy:
Of course, nations do not define people and if they did I wouldn't go near them, I like people who think for themselves.
I would not be averse to it. I am not Northern / Northwestern personnel and therefore, have nothing to preserve.

Racial type and nationality are two entirely separate qualities anyway.

Under non-genocidal conditions, interracial relationships would pose less of a threat to the continuity of Britons (racial type) and Northern / Northwestern Europeans in general, as artificial conception methods and certain types of social engineering could be pursued. People could be with whomever they wanted and still engage in preservationist activity, producing children of the correct racial type(s).

Tribalistic mentality should always be promoted (but not to children, as that would make the relevant people just as morally reprehensible as the globalists and leftists).

Mistress of Morality??:
No way.
That's debauchery.

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