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jotun_hertigen: Yes. Now Britain is just a Muslim soccer island. Irrelevant except for tourism.

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no only the last two.. Iraq and Afghanistan.. all others have been justified
WW1 and 2 are the same war with a 20 year ceasefire. Not mistakes but we had no choice.
No. If it hadn't been for Britain, and the other western nations, Hitler would have won.
Long Distance:
No, just the most recent ones.
no they were different times different people they were not so well educated didn't have as many opinions as we have it was about duty and gran and granddad mom and dad the kids aunt Betty money was important but no where near as important, they obeyed then theirs was not to reason why theirs was to do or die we do not know these people the respect is dying because the love is we value money more than our fellow Brit it wasn't like that and its almost impossible to make it sink in we have hindsight we can see all the mistakes yet are stupid its happening again capitalists are the hawks again its culling time again there are too many to keep
World War II was NOT a mistake. Hitler was trying to control Europe and Germany attacked Britain. Hitler's goal was to use Cambridge as his headquarters, so he needed to control Britain.
catrin l:
Yes, wars are failures of either diplomacy or lack of foresight.
David 420™:
Some were justified, like WWII, Korea and the Falklands.
All others were total disasters or questionable at best.

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