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Siddhartha: He's right, it only May had the guts to throw her hands up and say an agreement is impossible. It's unbelievable that the government could deliberatedly put us in this ridiculous situation. How much has it cost already?

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the people have already voted.. let that be an end to it.
Absolutely not. Another referendum is unlikely to help. You can't phrase the question which takes account of the views of both leavers and remainers. You cannot ask 'leave' or 'remain' again. We already have the answer on that one. Much better for a revolt in Parliament and to start the negotiations again. But we must leave or stop calling ourselves a democracy. And that's a very heavy thing!
Gordon Brown is right. Neither remainers nor leavers voted for the UK to become a vassal state of the EU.

Better to stay in now and be a 'bloody awkward' member of the EU standing up for our rights the same way the French and other have always done.

If a new referendum is to decide it, then it needs to be a compulsory vote referendum if the argument of it being the democratic will of the people is to be seen as genuine.

armouror is My Alias:
the EU has agreed to 95 % of brexit there is a disagreement over the Irish Border

I would close it Problem solved

Both Brexiters and Remainers are discontented with the 'Chequers Agreement'. A second referendum to ask the public for further advice on the way forward seems inevitable when 'Chequers' is far from what was voted on.
blue sky:
Yes'..bring it on..more people are now fed up with that self elected gang in Brussels, who are up each others asz

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