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Rowan: It's the drugs, the war on drugs doesn't work, you need harm minimization methods, I would suggest legalizing the least harmful natural plants, marijuana, (outdoor, mild strain, not chronic), coca tea, poppy seed tea, ephadrine root tea, valerian root tea, or the relatively similar extracts in drinks, so that rather than taking the most potent and harshest and most addictive drugs known to man, as sold by the black market, (also known as the CIA run international drug trade), you could have a less harmful alternative, similar to the strategy of the methadone program. While some may say that replacing methadone for heroin is only changing the addiction, it nevertheless makes a dramatic change in how they act, look, feel, the crime rates, the amount of employment in addicts, etc, etc. Harm reduction and rehabilitation is the way to deal with drug related crimes, and where it's about poverty, that needs to be addressed, which could be paid for with what you would save policing the illegal drugs that by the way you have been dealing with for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Look up the first opium war where British opium bankrupted China and had a quarter of them addicted to your drugs.

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the cost of keeping a prisoner in the uk is far more expensive than the cost of incarcerating a prisoner in the USA. Simply arrange for all prisoners to be sent to the USA and the UK gov pays the bill. So all the young idiots who stab and Moped muggers, will be in an American Penitentiaries. Watch the crime rate fall when they realise the difference between Gaol in the uk and US.
Toni Parr:
So your idea of punishment is to send people too Australia which is constantly rated as being one of best places on Earth to live.

I think I've spotted a flaw in your plan.The whole of GB would be committing crimes so they could be convicted.

Seems to me that when changes are needed to matters like these, a special team should be appointed to research the best systems in the world and then make recommendations. You certainly don't want to copy the US with its private prisons and the largest per capita prisoner count in the world. One place to check out might be Australia.
Maybe we should send them to the Saudi consulate. They seem to have a knack for making problems disappear.

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