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Pedrobear: You mean like Trump glorifying body slamming a reporter?

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There was no assault.
I saw the incident on TV and he did NOT touch her.

Contriving a lie about a journalist who disagrees with you or challenges you is a step towards eliminating freedom of the press. Trump wants to become a dictator, and he is following the same thing that communists, fascists, and tyrants always do: they stifle the press and all forms of criticism.

You are parroting White House fabricated BS. Acosta didn't assault the intern and CNN is so confident of that it has been happy to show the video. It can be seen from that she just happened to put her hand across to grab the microphone as he was bringing his hand down as he was speaking. In no way was the contact deliberate and in no way did he grab her. You can see his eyes were on the president and he wasn't aware of the girl until his hand briefly touched her elbow as she reached across.
Acosta IS sensible. He is the host of Washington Week in Review on PBS. Trump banning him from the White House is NOT going to Silence A costs
All Trump's temper tantrum has done is confirm how paranoid and emotionally immature Trump is . His sanity, what little is left, is unraveling. He may be talking to the pictures on the wall, like Nixon did.

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