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Anne Campbell: Positive, they have been here for centuries as have many others. It is time to forget the nostalgia, bury the bigotry and get along with each other.

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Anne Campbell:
POSITIVE I have lived with British Muslims as neighbours
for 11 years and never seen drunkenness drug abuse young
girls are not out tarted up trying to find alcohol drugs and sex

I've watched families grow on a day to day basis for 11 years
they go on to college or university and their careers are priority

Good parents with clearly a lot of importance on their family

WHERE I LIVE has been quiet (especially after 10 pm) safe
sober and respectable for the entire 11 years I've been here
with British Muslim neighbours hard working decent private.
no "domestics" or loutish erratic misbehaviour or noise ever

And not one has ever mentioned Islam to me in any conversation
they know my faith culture I've never had any problems with them

armouror is My Alias:
1 Billion % negative I really hate Islam and Muslims and I do have good reason

any Group or cult that wants me dead because I am a Christian should be Hated with a vengeance

It is impossible to answer.

I have come across Muslims through my job, where I live and life in general.

Some mostly strangers are people I would not choose to associate with as they do not make any attempt to integrate with the local community so I would have negative views about that.

The people who live in my community who are Muslim are mostly friendly once they get to know you, as they are more frightened of us than we are of them. One girl who lives on the same floor as me in my apartment block would not leave her flat after last years London and Manchester attacks as when she did they local idiots abused and threatened her.

It got to the stage when me and some of my friends waited until these people were sitting out side, we knocked on her door and told her she was going shopping. We sent her out first but were right behind. She got a barrage of abuse and threats of violence. There were only 4 of us but 6 of them we grabbed hold of the biggest ones and asked them if they wanted a kicking. They all ran away and never came back.

I work with two Muslim guys who are brilliant. There are 60 of us in the office and every Ramadan we all observe it with them. And they also celebrate things like Christmas and Easter with us.

blue sky:
They are humans just like us..the trouble is because they have interbred between familys in remote villages in Pakistan they are deficient of rational thinking and common-sense, most never THINK but go through life like robotic cyclops.
curious cat:
negative no matter where they are from
Sir Prince Kenny:
Difficult to tell, I haven't met them all!

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