Since the election on Tuesday Trump hasn't mentioned anything about the migrant caravan.

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Sir Studley Smugley: Trump just took a hinie-kicking on Tuesday – he's more worried about his next meeting with Vlad "the Impaler" Putin than he is about thousands of migrants trying to escape violence, poverty, and tyranny.

Trump never cared about those people in the first place. They were merely useful items during the midterm campaign. He didn't give a rat's butt what happened to them during the campaign, and he cares less about what happens to them now.

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Sir Studley Smugley:
No, but the democratic- media lost interest.
Jack H:
It's going to be a month at best before the *flood* of a dozen or so migrants arrives at the border, he used them as a camaign issue only to get his Base angrier…
He said something about it today on his way to Paris. The caravan is still coming. There was also a proclamation made by the whitehouse today, on this very subject.
durango joe:
It fell out of the news because it was a political stunt on the part of the Democrats.
Now that Trump made right wing idiots poop their panties, the election is over and Trump doesn't mention any more. When he was asked about it by Jim Acosta, Trump blew up.
it served its purpose of frightening the GOP, that is why it was funded by Koch bros, RNC and Fox.
American Atheist:
because his fear mongering ran it's course, too bad for him it didn't do much good, all it did was gin up his base to want to kill Hispanics,
W.T. Door:
It is still in the news, and another "caravan" is being formed. You just only watch MSNBC, which has gone silent about illegal immigration.

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