This sounds like her very first pay to play scandal. They are so cute when they are young, right?

Seriously, I think this demands an investigation. She had no money, now she does. Where did it come from?

Best Answer:

former dem: I hope she remembers that if she gets a place to stay for free or at a discount then she will have to be taxed on it and declare it to the ethics committee for review just like everyone else that the Democrats chase when they think they pay too little rent.

Other answer:

former dem:
Aren't you jumping the gun on accusing her of some sort of scam such as EPA head Scott Pruit ran where he took a bargain from a lbbyist?

Oh right, you're a conservative and want to b the first to make up a lie about her.

You're not a psychic, just a douchy guy telling lies.

Cortez is a public servant. She has money. She had money to run for office.
She could have gotten an advance, which isn't unheard of.
Doesn't sound like her first pay to play, sounds like she knew exactly how to pay the game already.
acid victim 25:
If she cruises Capitol Hill bars during the first week the problem will solve itself
OR – – Michelle Obama might let her crash at their place for a while

She might not be resourceful enough to be an effective member of Congress

So she's not entitled to financial assistance from supporters? for the first time someone with less money than the usual office seekers doesn't have enough of her own money to set up housing in DC awaiting the start of her term…and this of course is a problem to you?
She and the guy she humps to get a place to crash?

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