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Siddhartha: well there are more people now and living longer, the new pension age addresses that there are more people working for longer too or are we only breeding dole scrounging invalids now we seem to be the worst nation on earth how can the government afford us the police doctors firemen councils are all overpaid useless hangers on how can the government afford us we are such a burden

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Under Obama, he made it illegal for Americans not to buy private healthcare insurance. Promised the rates wouldn't go up and they did almost immediately. Causing many to go into massive debt. People don't want to pay money for things. It doesn't matter if it is a tax or a law. A tax is better than specific amount because at least it is a percentage of your earnings rather than a flat amount. Someone has to pay for these services and it's more sensible to have a tax then to force people to buy insurance that many can't afford.
No. Income tax needs to be put back up to a realistic level to cover such eventualities. It might also be worth considering lifting the National Insurance cap.

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