Though they would not identify as British anymore. 😛

How to reach highly advanced material:

Google "survivalistinfo" (include the quotation marks). See the Wix site.

It should replace the Bible.
Jesus does not save. I do.

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Shadow: A reminder of who I am:

A highly analytical and very strong-minded tactician, as well as a highly experienced and extremely adept detector of threats and flaws.

I am loyal only to logic, threat mitigation, human advancement and continuity of the optimal qualities of humanity (prioritising irreplaceable ones).

I am not loyal to any civilisational system, other system, person, existing culture or political ideology.

I do try to be as ethical and reasonable as possible, but I am a highly pragmatically and logically focused creature at the end of the day. I am very tactical and relentlessly vigilant. I hate weakness, pettiness and debasing influences. I embrace refinement, assertiveness, defensiveness and regard for morality, taking all threats or potential threats to desirable human and societal attributes extremely seriously.

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I bet you're great fun at parties.

What a shame you don't get invited to any…

10,000 years the UK was under the ice.
The British people hasn't evolve into what it is now.
You hoo, fella
OK then…

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